Used Cooking Oil and Grease Trap Collection Software

Our “Cooking Oil Service Tier” (C.O.S.T)™ software is the all-in-one solution to streamline your UCO or Grease Trap collection business.

Reiter Software
save money with used cooking oil collection software

Save Time and Money

Reiter’s fat, oil, and grease service software takes care of the day-to-day operations, like route mapping and collections reporting. You and your company save time and money focusing on the things that matter most. Clients have reported major driver hour reductions after full system adoption.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Let our software do the arduous data tracking, analysis, and optimization tasks necessary to analyze profitability, improve efficiency, and free up internal resources to be re-focused on company growth.

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Refocus on Growth

C.O.S.T™ Software gives you the ability to spend your time focused on your customers. Allowing you the time to provide better service to existing customers and bring on new customers in a more efficient and timely manner.

Empower Your Workforce, Increase Efficiency, and Save Money

The Cooking Oil Service Tier (C.O.S.T. Software)™ offers everything you need to support your Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) service company: Service interval prediction, route planning & optimization with turn-by-turn navigation, personnel and equipment scheduling, digital data capture using driver tablet and reporting for collections, as well as, regulatory and compliance portals and reporting.

Powerful, Versatile, Easy To Use

Simple Integration

Integrate your company’s data into our full software ecosystem

Custom Configuration

Custom, user-friendly interface

Top Security

Industry-leading security and performance

Asset Database

Easily access custom assets and equipment using drop-down menus

Cross-Device Compatibility

Seamlessly compatible between Desktop & iOS devices

Why Reiter Software?

Our Software Solutions

Reiter has developed cutting-edge, custom-built, consumer-centric fat, oil and grease software specifically designed to optimize solutions for the used cooking oil collection industry.

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Unparalleled Industry Expertise

With over 10 years of industry experience, the founder of Reiter Software knows the used cooking oil industry – and the needs of those in it. Utilizing this unrivaled expertise we built our cooking oil collection software and continue to use it now to improve and add-on to our software as we anticipate and serve your company’s needs.

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Digitize Your Data

By digitizing your data you will increase efficiency and keep your team connected. This greatly decreases time spent tracking down, organizing, or even duplicating hand-written entries. Having digital data allows you to securely organize your data and instantly access up-to-date customer oil collection information anywhere, anytime. Eliminating manual data processes will empower your Sales, Service and Management teams to operate at their full potential.

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Save $1000’s Per Year

Used cooking oil collection companies lose thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary fuel, wages, and equipment maintenance costs. With predictive scheduling and route optimization, our C.O.S.T.™ software will ensure that you don’t spend a penny more than you need to operate your company. Sign up for our free trial today. See how much you could be saving.

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Customer Support

Reiter Software has you covered with a uniquely tailored support plan included in your subscription. We are here for you whenever you need us and your feedback helps the C.O.S.T.™ program to best serve your needs in the ever-changing climate of cooking oil collection.

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Your Total Solution

Our agile development and product support teams are dedicated to using your feedback to create new and improved features for our cooking oil collection software. We let you focus on opportunities, not operations.

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Faster Collection, Fewer Headaches

Try out our software for an extended FREE trial and see how Reiter Software can help your Used Cooking Oil Collection company save time, money, and run more efficiently so you can grow your business.

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