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Used Cooking Oil Collection Software

Our C.O.S.T.™ UCO Software helps used cooking oil collection companies seamlessly scale and optimize their operational costs quickly at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional personnel. Some of our key features are:

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Save on Labor, Fuel, and Maintenance

Utilizing C.O.S.T.™’s accurate service interval predictions and state-of-the-art routing features saves your company money. You’ll eliminate unnecessary spending on payroll, fuel, and vehicle maintenance.

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Standardize Operations

Project a professional image with a standard service process supported by accurate projections of upcoming services and routes optimized by our UCO software.

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Manage Resources

Gain valuable operational insights to better manage company assets with shared service notes, customer reports and GPS location mapping.

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Secure Your Data

We know your used cooking oil collection data is valuable and critical to your operations; with this in mind, our C.O.S.T.™ Software is regularly backed up and fully encrypted by commercial-grade Amazon servers to ensure reliability. Reiter won’t share or sell customer data to any outside sources.

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Grease Trap Pumping

Our grease trap pumping ERP software is currently in beta testing. Check out more details about our grease trap features or Contact Us today to get access to this exciting new product.

Grease Trap Pumping

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