All the Features Your UCO Company Needs to Grow

  • Fill rate prediction
  • Efficient route mapping
  • Custom contracts
  • Customer relationship management
Reiter Software

Used Cooking Oil Collection Software

Reiter software is designed for UCO Collectors and their unique needs. It utilizes an industry first fill rate predictor to ensure that you pick up more oil every day.

Reiter Software is the secret sauce that unleashes the potential of your human and mechanical UCO collection resources.

Collect more oil with fewer people and fewer trucks. Manage customer relationships professionally and efficiently. Create and maintain all-important maintenance records with less effort and paperwork and make them available to clients.

Features Include:

Easy to Use

Watch how easy it is for you to log in to the program as a driver and see your route for the day, record stops and adjust as needed. You’ll also be able to record interactions with clients in your UCO CRM. See how easy it is to get started.

grow your profits with UCO software

Save on Labor, Fuel, and Maintenance

Eliminate unnecessary spending on payroll, fuel, and vehicle maintenance. Let our fill rate prediction and route optimization take the guesswork out of planning your day, ensuring that you get the most oil, every time you or one of your drivers is on the road. That frees up time that you can spend on growing your business.

Standardize Operations with a UCO CRM

Project a professional image with a standard service process supported by accurate projections of upcoming services. Once the service is complete, bill your clients on the spot. You can give them access to their own records, so they have one less thing to do to prepare for inspections. Use the UCO CRM to keep in contact with both existing and prospective customers.

Manage Resources

Gain valuable operational insights to better manage company assets with shared service notes, customer reports and GPS location mapping.

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