Getting Started

Reiter Software is intuitive and easy-to-use. Get Started in 4 Quick Steps

  • Send us your client information
  • Schedule administrator training
  • Schedule driver training
  • Take control of your business
Reiter Software

Step 1

We’ll send you a specially formatted Excel Spreadsheet. Plug your client information into the form and send it back to us. As long as the data is clean and complete, we’ll upload it into the system for you free of charge!

Step 2

Schedule a complimentary 2-hour training session for management. Our professionals will virtually meet with your team and provide a private, personalized training for your administrators.

Step 3

Schedule a separate complimentary 1- hour training just for your drivers. We’ll go over exactly what they need to know on the road.

Step 4

Deploy Reiter Software and take control of your business.

Need additional help? See our pricing page for our low-cost extra training sessions.

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